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Price freeze since 2012 You might not know this but freetobook’s core functionality is exactly the same price as it was in 2012. Yes, we haven’t increased any of our prices ever. How have we managed to do this? Well, our loyal customer base has grown to over 11,000 businesses world-wide! Our paid services are optional and pay-as-you-go ensuring […]
Customers book on different sites, spread your bookings Diversity is security. Relying on just one source of bookings is a risk to any business. Your first priority is maximising direct bookings and it’s what we do best at freetobook. You simply can’t ever have too many direct bookings! Next in importance, if you need more bookings than just your direct ones, is your […]
7 Pledges of Internet Booking (your perfect booking partner) In the 21 years since our birth in 1998 we’ve learnt a  thing or two about making, managing and servicing accommodation bookings but the one thing we often get asked is:  … “what makes freetobook  different ?”  freetobook is committed to: build booking technology that maximises direct bookings above all other bookings  continually develop, upgrade […]
Guest messaging upgrade Have you ever thought about how easy it would be for a guest to simply click a reply button to get in touch with you ? In the freetobook labs we have 🙂 Today’s guests expect so much and easy communication is now a given, looking for emails to reply to just isn’t good enough […]
Maximise direct bookings 7 Pledges, here’s how you voted…. We asked you to prioritise these 7 Pledges, to re-order them according to your needs and your ambitions. That was no easy task… as many of you said, but that forced focus is what every good business requires if it is to improve. So here’s how it unfolded, drum […]
Smart messaging says it all When you are looking to stand out in your guests mind then get messaging. Smart Messaging will take your communication with guests to the next level, making messages and stays memorable. Freetobook Smart Messaging is your work horse taking the hassle and bore out of email communications. It replaces the old email system with a […]
Airbnb fully connected Hotels, B&Bs and Hostels are welcome on Airbnb! Airbnb’s changed from its early days so we think it’s worth reflecting on how these changes could attract new customers for you. Hotels, Guest Houses, Hostels and Glampsites are now joining the Airbnb platform along with Cottages and other self catering accommodations. Its a safe bet to […]
7 pledges of internet booking In the 21 years since our birth in 1998 we’ve learnt a thing or two about making, managing and servicing accommodation bookings but the one thing we often get asked is: … “what makes freetobook different ?” It is a tough question (if you really care about it) and after this long in business we […]
Stripe card payments now even better Stripe, is fast, secure and easy to use. It enables businesses all over the world to transact credit cards. Freetobook’s customers just love our integration with Stripe (Over 90% said it was good for their business) Over two thousand freetobook customers use Stripe as their card processing system, it accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and […]
Stripe with ApplePay and GooglePay Stripe on freetobook is now upgraded to include ApplePay and GooglePay ApplePay and GooglePay are so convenient for customers, they simply pay using their fingerprint on their smartphone. Freetobook has been busy working to integrate the new functionality so your customers can now pay with ultimate ease. This fantastic functionality makes it easier for customers […]

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