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Top of Google free feed

The Google free feed is now available world-wide but it is also available for OTAs and big review sites. To maximise Google free bookings you must be at the top of the free feed…. Firstly the free feed ranking is a Google secret (but it’s easy to get to the top of it). What we […]

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Google Zero is here!

Google, the mighty search engine, offers accommodation owners the possibility of listing in their free booking feed. Connect your availability and rates to the free feed on its own and get zero commission bookings from Google. Get in early and take advantage of this Google giveaway, it might not last forever, who knows? The facts […]

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Google free feed on freetobook – How ?

How you can participate in that free booking link with freetobook. In a related article we explain Why do it ? What’s in it for accommodation owners, and why we think Google is doing it. Who can take part? The free booking link is part of Google’s Hotel Ads system, so you can see right […]

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Google’s free booking feed – Why ?

Good news for property owners? We think so! Just over a week ago Google made a big announcement about free advertising. It’s fair to say it shook up the meta search hotel booking space like a gorilla with a rattle. We all like to have something for free and from an advertising giant like Google, […]

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Reflections – Together, One Year On

As we approach our one year ‘work from home’ anniversary we thought we would take a look back at how freetobook have managed the challenges the last year has brought.  MARCH 2020 – As we entered March we already had a feel for what might be coming our way from our overseas properties who were […]

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TripAdvisor website grab

TripAdvisor makes a grab for your website content. Late last week TripAdvisor sent out an email advising of a change in their terms and conditions. This was no trivial change, they demand access to all text and images on your website which they can harvest anytime and have perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable rights over. […]

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Staycation Tsunami 2021

Get ready for a tsunami of bookings this summer. #StaycationTsunami Savings levels are at a record high. Through the lockdowns money that would have been spent has been saved. International travel is likely to be difficult/impossible. Staycations at unprecedented levels are predicted and most likely to happen this summer. Added to this, there’s been far […]

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Ten Years On & Stronger Than Ever!

Are we really 10 years into this journey? Its January 2021 and we are just starting lockdown III in the UK, what a time to look back on 10 years of freetobook. It’s November 2010 and we facilitate our first direct booking which was the culmination of a year’s worth of programming work for the […]

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Review Widgets Stealing Direct Bookings

Our friends over at have shared their recent blog on the danger to direct booking posed by third party review widgets. Cobooking exposes review widget dangers. For far too many years we have put up with dodgy review widgets that cheat properties out of direct bookings. Widgets, badges and awards touted by large “reputable” […]

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TripAdvisors’ Best Of 2020

Congratulations to all the properties that have been featured in this year’s Travellers’ Choice Awards.  We all know the hard work and effort required to achieve excellent guest feedback so it’s wonderful for that to be acknowledged. We’d like to give everyone a GREAT BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE. There are various award categories that work […]

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