Add a responsive booking widget

Log in to the freetobook system and head to the ‘Direct Bookings’ tab. In the ‘Booking Buttons’ section you’ll find all of your possibilities for widget codes including the option for ‘Responsive Widget’

The booking button for your website is called a widget, the one shown below is the best for a modern, responsive website, it will fit any frame (as long as it’s not too small) and automatically adjust to suit the guest’s device.

Log in and go to the tab shown above. Then click the ‘Get Code’ button and paste the code into your website. Note: if you use iframes please ensure that you use the correct code for iframes.

Promo code

You can automatically fill-in a promo code when a customer goes to your widget, by adding a data attribute called promo-code.

The following example shows how the responsive widget code will look with a promo-code added.
<div class="ftb-widget" data-id="2" data-token="Svldrn2liwPIMwJNkAoabA3Sxqmoz3XmcUBVvtyP8g7giPoHAJARqdjQAPq09" promo-code="promotest"></div><script src=""></script>

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