Track the source of your bookings

The freetobook button is so simple it can be added almost anywhere, and you can even track which buttons are bringing in the most business.

There are two types of button you can add...

A simple text link... Book Now!
Or for the slightly more advanced a... book now button

Get Started

With freetobook it is possible to create one button and use it in lots of different places, but we would recommend that you create a unique button for each new location. By doing this you will be able to give each button an I.D. and this will make it easy to track where all your bookings are coming from.

Create a new booking button... login to freetobook and click on the widget tab. If this is your first time creating a new widget then you will find detailed video tutorials on the widget page to help you with this step.

freetobook booking link

Create a unique name for your new widget (this will let you know if any bookings have come from this source). In this case we have named the widget 'My Directory' and we will use this widget on a Directory Listing Site. For a list of Directory Listing Sites working with freetobook CLICK HERE

short name

Now save your changes and you will see your new widget appear in your list of available widgets.

Get your Code

You should now have a new widget with a unique name. Click on the 'view code' button next to the widget you have just created.

view code

Copy the code from the third box (the box is titled "Simple link to your search results page")
(*NOTE* do not copy the code we have shown below, it is given as an example only) AoabA3Sxqmoz3XmcUBVvtyP8g7giPoHAJARqdjQAPq09

This code can now be used to create a direct link to your online availability.

Use it to create a text link like this... Book Now

Or a button link like this... book now button

Track your booking sources

With this code added to your Directory site (*REMEMBER* you must create a new and unique widget for each and every new Directory site or Facebook page or website for tracking to have any meaning) it is now possible to track the source of your bookings.

On your freetobook system click on the 'Pay' tab and then on the 'Statements' tab.

pay tab

You will now see a list of bookings for each month. In the 'Widget' column you will see listed the source of each booking.


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