Help For Using WordPress

There are a couple of options for adding the widget to your WordPress site.

1 - Add the Javascript for the responsive widget (recommended).
2 - Use one of our plugins for the older style widgets.

Adding the Responsive Widget

In the “Appearance” menu select “Widgets” and then use the “Text” widget. Drag that to your Sidebar/Footer and paste the widget code in to the “Content” box.

The theme that you are using may restrict where you can add the widget.

wordpress menu

Using the Plugins

Simply login to the admin page of your blog and select "Add New" from the “Plugins“ menu. When you search for ‘freetobook’ you’ll see two options:

1 – freetobook widget – this is the older style legacy widget.
2 – freetobook review widget – this option has 6 styles to select from, both with and without reviews!

You should install whichever suits your needs best, although we’d recommend using the review widget of the two!

wordpress install plugins

Once you have installed your widget you will need to activate it and enter your widget key in the settings.

Your unique widget keys can be found by logging into freetobook and going to directBookings/wordPress then scroll to the bottom of the page.

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