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Turn your Facebook page into a great looking booking tool

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Engage your facebook visitors with this stunning facebook Tab app.

What do you get ?

  • Bookings straight from facebook
  • Great looking info and photos
  • Even more likes and shares
  • Simple to change and update anytime

Great Looking, Direct Booking

Turn your facebook page into a great booking tool with our free facebook app designed for accommodation providers

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Turn your facebook page into an online booking system.

Your customers want to see a beautiful facebook page with your best photos, detailed information and a link to book with you directly. You on the other hand want an easy to setup, simple to change app specifically made for accommodation providers. With our facebook app you can achieve a high level of design in a matter of minutes.

You don't have to be a designer or webmaster, all you need is a facebook business page and a few minutes to setup your details.

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In a nutshell

• Get direct bookings from facebook by adding your booking engine link.

• Professional designer layout makes your facebook page shine

• Photos, descriptions and information is easy to add and update anytime

• Dedicated login to access and update your details

• Freetobook provides this app free of any charges whatsoever.

A fantastic free online booking app brought to you by freetobook

Accommodation providers all over the world are enjoying online bookings from facebook.

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We also offer direct commission free bookings from your Facebook page with a Call-To-Action button

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