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and Review Express

On average freetobook users connected to Review Express get 34% more TripAdvisor reviews.

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Use freetobook with Review Express to request email reviews from your customers.

The Review Express system is free.

There is no charge from TripAdvisor, and no cost from freetobook.

You switch review express on/off from within your TripAdvisor account - no need to contact freetobook.

When you opt in - your recently checked out guests will automatically receive a TripAdvisor review request email.

You are in full control from within your TripAdvisor account you can switch it on or off.

How do you opt in?

To use the Review Express system you need a freetobook account, if you already have one then visit, (there is no need to contact freetobook)

1. Enter your property name, select it from the list and click on "Use Review Express"

review express

2. Select freetobook as your connectivity partner.

review express

3. Click on "Opt In Now"

review express

4. Agree to the TripAdvisor terms and conditions

review express

Your options may differ, if you have an account with FlipKey or HolidayLettings these options may not be available to you.

Key Benefits

34% more reviews on average for properties that use review collection platforms like Review Express*
• Getting more fresh reviews may enhance your Popularity Ranking — and increase your exposure to nearly 280 million monthly visitors* who plan their stays on TripAdvisor
Review Express is automated, effortless and in your control — you can even customize your message and language
Track your performance on the Review Express Dashboard, and see which reviews were generated by this partnership
*Source: "Using Guest Reviews to Pave the Path to Greater Engagement," Atmosphere Research Group, 2015
of global TripAdvisor users consider reading reviews important when planning and booking hotels*
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The Review Express connection is available to freetobook customers free of charge.

If you already have a freetobook account you should follow the steps above.

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