Running a hostel is demanding, our automation tools ease the load giving you full control.

Sell beds or rooms, manage group bookings, automate payments and guest comms then see it all at a glance.

freetobook offers a quick business snapshot with clear, no-frills pricing—only pay for what you need or use, no hidden fees or unnecessary extras.


  • One platform with everything you need to manage bookings
  • Automated guest communication
  • Increased Google views and visibility for your hostel
  • Less time spent chasing payments
  • Simple-to-use system, takes minutes to train staff

Switching to freetobook is easy.

We automate all the boring time-consuming tasks, simplify the complex ones and neatly organise your bookings so training your hostel staff takes minutes.

Our experienced team provides dedicated one-to-one support for your move to freetobook. We’ll import your bookings, connect your OTAs, and get you set up quickly. No Fuss.

Personal phone support helps you transition to freetobook smoothly, with a set-up that grows your revenue and cuts down admin time.

Join our community of hostel owners already using freetobook to grow their businesses.

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