Step by step support along the way

Why freetobook?


Direct bookings are our priority and passion.

We provide solutions that make booking direct the best option for your guests. Our track record proves it!


More control over your business.

Our platform gives you full visibility and control over all aspects of your business, from bookings to comms to payments to reviews.


Less admin, more support.

Our automation tools reduce and even remove many boring time consuming tasks. We’re experienced and always available to help. Our efficient and friendly UK-based team provide phone support to resolve any queries and offer advice.

How does switching work?

Quick, efficient and stress free.

With your own dedicated account manager and our expert switch team, we’ll get you set up with minimum fuss and no stress.

We will:
1. Import your existing bookings (both direct and OTA)
2. Sort your OTA connections and even improve them
3. Manage and optimise your set-up for direct bookings

No hassle. No downtime.

We support you at your own pace. Whether you need two days or two hours, we’re here to help.

You’re always in control with support, advice and training provided by our skilled team.

96% of our customers voted freetobook as very good or good for their business – customers that have switched to freetobook don’t look back.

(Nov 21)

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