Book Direct Day 2024


At freetobook we work tirelessly to bring your OTA bookings down and increase your direct bookings. Our name says it all, we exist to get you more free bookings. Your bottom line is what we focus on improving and over the last few years together we’ve made some great progress.

What a difference 5 years makes…

Looking at January 2024’s bookings we can see there’s been a 66% increase in direct bookings on freetobook since 2019!

That headline tells a story that goes back to our 7 pledges made in 2019, it is no accident that our number 1 pledge to our customers was and still is:

“build booking technology that maximises direct bookings above all other types of bookings”

We’re seeing OTA bookings going down and direct bookings increasing and it’s a trend we aim to continue. Where we stand out from the crowd is by creating the tools that make;

  1. Your direct rate always better with our Channel Manager
  2. Controlling your availability to favour direct bookings is easy
  3. Your direct rates are more visible with our Google connections
  4. Your reputation sells for you through the Reputation Suite

Increase your visibility…

An increase in your direct bookings is dependent on the visibility of your business and its direct rates; our Google Zero connection has led the way with over 100,000 direct bookings (all commission free) since its launch just a couple of years ago!

We won’t stop there… with bloom, your new direct booking pages, direct booking becomes the easiest and most attractive way for your guests to book. This customisable and mobile-first booking process is second to none and leads the way in generating more direct bookings.