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Are you on the same page as your customers?

With nearly a billion users on facebook there’s a good chance a few of your current or potential customers are on it and they’ll be looking for your property.

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Facebook business pages have been around for some time now so if want to be on the same page as your customers then look into getting a facebook page (link below).

If you already have a page then you will be pleased to know freetobook will soon be launching a facebook app to help you:


  1. Display your property at its very best with your beautiful pictures. If you don’t have lots of lovely photos get the camera out!
  2. Describe and detail your information to delight potential bookers.
  3. Link your booking engine to your facebook page, providing easy online booking direct from your facebook page.

As always with freetobook, we’ve made it delightful and enticing for your customers and easy to set-up and manage for you…. did we mention it’s going to be free?

To get your facebook business page just visit: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

Important Note: You need a personal account in order to create, manage or administer your page.

Warning: If you use facebook for business you MUST create a page. Do not use your personal profile for business. It’s against facebook’s terms of use.