freetobook is 25 years old today

Quite the adult now. In those many years we’ve seen some massive changes, many of which freetobook have pioneered for our customers. We deliver those technological advantages to you ahead of the curve.

We have now matured into a comprehensive suite of services all built with a heart of fiercely independent principles. Never cowed by the giant corporations (we all know who) that dominate accommodation booking. Always open to listening and developing in ways that help your businesses grow.

At our core is a great team of in-house developers and support working together, in human space (our UK office), to build and maintain the systems that grow your business. This is rare in today’s tech world where most development is outsourced for price and human support is removed. Not at freetobook.

Much more is to come as we build the next generation of tools to improve your guest experience, connect systems and automate the mundane tasks that waste time every day. When you work more efficiently you create more time to focus on customers and grow your business… we are living proof of that.

We recognise that innovation is never complete, and our service must always be genuine and heartfelt. Our customers are to us what your cherished guests are to you.

Thank you all for the 25 years, thanks to the supporters of freetobook, to customers to colleagues both past and present, you have built something strong, healthy and significant which is ready to face the next generation of challenges.