Track your marketing success with freetobook

Track your marketing success with freetobook statements

We have just added a freetobook statements page to help you:

1) see where your bookings originated from
2) track how much revenue is coming in from your website on a monthly basis
3) prepare the way for freetobook’s own resale channel

With bookings coming in from various channels, it is increasingly difficult to know where your customers first found you.

A new, unique feature on freetobook helps you track where your bookings are coming from. Many of you are already using booking widgets in various places, i.e. in your special offer emails, on your facebook page, on your local accommodation association website. Now you can see which widget produced what bookings.

To start benefiting from this new functionality, simply login and click the “Pay” tab and then go to “Statements.”

The page looks like this:


Here you’ll be able to see a detailed breakdown of each booking. There’s also a “Commission” column. At present, nothing appears here. But in the future any commission deducted from bookings made though freetobook’s own sites will be listed in this column.

All this is fairly standard, but there are some special features which are not available from any other online booking system.

The “Widget” column allows you to see where each guest’s booking originated, e.g. your website, or via Facebook, or through an email. You can therefore tell exactly how much your Facebook page or any email campaign is helping you to get extra business.

This is possible because the “Widget” functionality elsewhere on Freetobook allows you to give any new booking widget you create its own name.

You can find this functionality by selecting the “Home” tab then the “Widget” sub-tab. Click on “Create New Widget” and you’ll be taken to the relevant page, where you can use the “Short Name” field to give the new widget a title: