More Direct Bookings with Promo Codes

Encourage direct bookings - Give your loyal customers a discount

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Use Promo Codes to..

Reward loyal customers - Encourage new customers - Sell quiet dates Promo Codes can really drive direct sales, encouraging potential guests to book with you in return for a discount. Make your customers feel special and exclusive, who doesn't want to feel exceptional.

Using freetobook you can create any number of promo codes. There is simply no limit, unleash your creativity. Here are a few ideas to start you off...

Loyalty code for regular customers

You can create a code then give it to customers who book with you regularly. Let them know about the code as they set off for home or you could email them a code thanking them for their stay. Alternatively you could even print the code on your business card and hand it out as a thank you reward encouraging them to book again and again.

Special code to encourage new customers

Finding new customers is never easy, putting out a promo code on any advertising material can help encourage fresh business to check you out.

Social Media

YPromo Codes are ideal for your social media channels, if you have a twitter or facebook account you could tweet out or post a promo code as a special incentive to your social media fans.

Limited time promo code

You might send out an email telling customers of a special limited time only promo code which they have to use before a certain date or it expires. Act now before its too late this is a very limited promotion which runs out soon. The impression or illusion of limited supply encourages customers to book right now, this is a tactic used very successfully by many of the big booking companies.

freetobook promo codes

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Promo Codes - yet another way to use your freetobook diary to drive more direct bookings

Your Promo Codes can be tracked, when bookings come in you will know which bookings were generated using which promo code, helping you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

freetobook promo codes

Login to freetobook - Visit the "Specials" Tab and click on "Promo Codes"

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