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So much of freetobook has been free for over five years (and it always will be). Of course we also offer fabulous, extremely popular pay-as-you-go services to generate new bookings, save money and time. Our great value paid services are all optional, fully itemised with prices showing on our website. Nothing is hidden and you are never tied in, a breath of fresh air from a family company.

What do we care about ?

(we don't care for pushy sales people, we care about keeping costs down and bull to a minimum)

freetobook direct bookings

Direct Bookings are a priority

Increasing your direct bookings at zero commission is what we specialise in. Offer the best deals to direct customers with Special offers and Promo Codes to boost your direct bookings. Direct booking tools fitted as standard at no cost to you...

freetobook channel connections

Channel connections are optional

Choose the channels that work best for you or ask us for honest advice. We'll help you get set-up correctly and ensure you get the most from the connections whilst enjoying peace of mind.

freetobook secure payments

Payment systems quick and secure

All independent businesses need to ensure they are paid quickly and securely. We offer a whole range of payment options that are flexible enough to suit your specific needs, whether you are a one bedroom cottage or big hotel.

Thousands of properties like you are using our huge range of online booking services.

Direct Booking Advantage

freetobook direct bookings

Promo Codes

Promo Codes can really drive direct sales, encouraging potential guests to book with you in return for a discount. Make your customers feel special and exclusive, who doesn't want to feel exceptional.

freetobook channel connections

Special Offers

Entice customers to book direct, we all love a special offer which helps you get the booking and prevents your customers looking at other websites.

freetobook secure payments

Social Media Bookings

Make the most of Facebook Call-to-Action button. Facebook users will be able to "Book Now" from your Facebook page and the button will also show to customers on a mobile phone.

"You certainly make things a lot easier than our OTA's do, you are all so friendly too!"
Oakfold House

"So happy to have swapped our booking system to freetobook. It is simple to use and very effective."
Abbey Guest House

"Thank you for the new features in the Promo Codes ... I'm really pleased at how versatile it is."
Balkissock Lodge B&Bs

"All our bookings and invoicing and everything on one system - and really good support."
Graston Farm

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