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Building Community Together

We’re building a new community for you to share

Most of us identify as a small independent business meaning we’re often working alone on our business. We do not have the luxury of various departments to handle the different daily challenges, we do it all ourselves.

But we are not alone.

The success of our facebook group, with over 2,500 active members and daily posts shows us this. Many of you mention it as a critical source of support over the last 2 years, demonstrating how engaged and “there” for each other you are.

Whilst the facebook group will continue to offer a place to talk we know we can do better. So we’re creating a Community forum using purpose built software to bring everything together.

Over the past 3 months Eleanor has been busy setting up and building your Community platform. It will shortly be available in freetobook to everyone on freetobook. A closed network just for you.

It is purpose built so comes with specially designed discussion features for all types of topics, rich engaging content and customisable personal settings.

The freetobook Community will:

  • Provide a safe place for everyone on freetobook to post questions and receive help, answer questions to give help, or just share experiences and knowledge through open friendly discussions.
  • Give easy access to 100s of new helpful videos and articles showing you “How To” get the best out of freetobook.
  • Improve our support for you by bringing the Helpdesk ticketing you already use closer to a new vault of knowledge and discussion that we generate together. You will access both the community and the Helpdesk from within the new Community. Our support team will be on hand to answer queries in their usual helpful, speedy manner.

By using purpose built Community software we can bring all this together in one place making it more accessible to you with greatly improved search functionality, making it far easier to find the answer to your questions. Past discussions and knowledge will be easy to find, share and contribute to.

Everyone on freetobook will have access, you’ll just set up your profile once (confirming your name and email address) and when logged in to freetobook you’ll have instant access.

At freetobook we have some of the best in the business and what’s more, they care about each other.  The Community gives us all a space where we can share, learn and support each other.

Watch this space for updates and then get involved!