Calendar Now with one added colour with blue

Calendars now with one added colour (blue)!

We have had great feedback from users who have trialled our new three colour calendar, so we have activated it for everyone. The new blue colour shows where you have sold rooms; green is for available rooms and red indicates where you have closed out.

Just like this:

Blue Calendar colour for sold out rooms

Blue Calendar colour for sold out rooms

Up to now your bookings have only shown in the Diary, which is the natural place for them. Now with the extra colour they are also reflected in your calendars. The new “blue” will make it even easier to manage your calendar rates, close outs, units available, and minimum stays.

The blue colour shows you have sold out on a room type, saving time by reducing the need to switch between your Diary view and your calendars. This makes it easier to maximise your occupancy. For example, if you’ve set a 3-night minimum stay on a room for a particular date but the next night sold out (making it impossible for anyone to stay in it for 3 nights), you can change the minimum stay to 1 night and hence sell the room.

Thanks to this update, you now see all availability information on all the calendars, making control over your rates and minimum stays easier than ever before. As always, we welcome feedback on this update. Please let us know how it works for you.

PS: If you have a setup with more than one of any room type, it will only show blue when all the rooms of this type have sold out.