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Displaying your booking button on facebook

With facebook on track to reach one billion active users worldwide by the end of 2011, it has become not only a great way to promote your property but also a really valuable booking channel. New technology from freetobook offers a simpler way to place a booking button directly on your facebook page.

We’ve created this online video tutorial to show you how it works:

Independent accommodation providers have shown great skill in using facebook as a billboard, creating distinctive pages, posting lots of great pictures (including guest photo albums) and putting on imaginative special offers.

All these “soft sell” strategies are terrific. But facebook can help you in a much more direct way. It doesn’t need to be solely a customer relations tool. It can also be a new revenue stream.

Our new booking button can be installed in a few simple steps and will link directly to your freetobook availability page, where guests can see live rates and book.