Freetobook gold star

Going for Gold

Gold is a new area we are introducing inside freetobook. After launch, in late May, it is where you will find tools that focus on guest experience. We have asked, how can we help you provide the ultimate for your guests, a gold standard. What would make that easier for you? What would take the hassle out of it and help you get more done with less effort? 

By exceeding guest expectations, review scores and guest loyalty both naturally increase. What’s more, the goal of exceeding what your customer thinks they will get is just as important for a 2 star as it is for a 5 star. Everyone can work at exceeding guest expectations, and we are here to help you do it in Gold. 

A Gold standard of experience adds a level of value onto your physical service. When you achieve it your bookings will increase and so can your price, it has real long-term monetary value. Gold tools help you offer the level of guest satisfaction normally delivered in an amazing face-to-face relationship, but it does it with technology, automatically and when you are not there.   

Don’t be tempted to think of guest experience as a nice to have, because not taking advantage of better more efficient ways to service guests will likely result in you losing potential revenue. Also don’t be worried about extra work because the tools we have in Gold reduce your workload. 

Messaging is one great example of a guest experience tool, helping you interact with guests in a way they enjoy while doing it without much effort on your part, it multiplies your abilities.   

We will soon welcome you to the new Gold section and your guest experience superpowers to help provide great memories that will have your guests booking more return visits. 

For properties not yet using freetobook, why not signup today and enjoy all the amazing solutions we provide for accommodation owners worldwide.