Guest messaging for Bookingcom guests

Guest Messaging for Bookingcom and Airbnb

When your guest sends you a message you want to know about it and send out a timely reply.Guest messaging for Bookingcom guests

Working with Bookingcom, Airbnb and other OTAs presents a messaging challenge. Each different OTA guest can have different ways to receive or reply, maybe via the OTA app or by email. You don’t want to have to login to each system to view and reply, that’s fiddly.

Your super important, directly booked, guests – your VIPs – will also need your special messaging attention.

One Inbox for all Messages

In an ideal world you would have one inbox/outbox with all your messages neatly stored. You would know who has read them, who has replied and be able to access all conversations. You would no longer log in to multiple systems to see and reply to your guest messages.

Solution and Upgrade

Messaging in freetobook solves these issues for you and yesterday it became even better! Guest Messages for Airbnb and Bookingcom are now sent and received electronically to and from the OTAs (no longer using the fake OTA email address)

You don’t need to change anythingAirbnb guest messaging

If you are using our Messaging system and channel manager, we will also manage your OTA guest messages.

  • When a guest uses the Bookingcom/Airbnb app to send you a message we will now show it in freetobook for you.
  • When you send a message to a Bookingcom/Airbnb guest it will appear in their OTA app.
  • All Scheduled Messages will also be sent to the OTA guests electronically. (You should deactivate Scheduled Messages in the OTA systems, if you have them, to avoid duplication)

This upgrade improves your communication with OTA guests because sending messages electronically is better than via the fake email addresses.

Channel Manager for Guest Messages 

Your messages are now channel managed, along with your rates, availability and bookings – one system to manage it all for you.

Not yet using the freetobook Messaging or Channel Manager – click here to get going