New Guest Experience Apps

Guest App for hotels Your guest app will make you stand out.  In the eyes (and hands) of your guest you’ll look more professional, more caring and more engaged.  Your guests will find it easier to communicate and bond with you and your brand, resulting in a more enjoyable stay, higher spend and better reviews. Your guest app doesn’t even need to be downloaded, instead guests will access the app every time they view a message. Eliminating barriers makes life simple for guests and with Messaging at its heart your guest app takes your communication up a few notches.  Your Messaging will be delivered in and surrounded by helpful, elegant content all relevant to each guest.  With Messaging at its core your guest app will deliver digital-registration and Stripe payments via Guest Actions… with much more to come. New apps like these are the perfect way to shine and stand out with great photos, enticing descriptions and clear advice.  Your guest app instantly updates any new content you add into freetobook (photos, facilities, descriptions etc.), which is why we’ve designed and built it ourselves. By fully integrating your guest app we provide built in personalisation enabling each guest to have their own unique app specific to their booking.  Each guest is greeted by name with their booking details and relevant information (e.g. specific room booked).  In the future we can add in upsells and much more is possible because we build your booking engine, your messaging and your guest app to work perfectly together! This is just the beginning. Your free demo version is available to everyone on Messaging now.  Your demo app uses your freetobook photos and data. This is the perfect time to get prepared by adding new photos (removing old ones), updating facilities and improving your descriptions. Your changes are reflected immediately in the guest app to give your guests the best possible experience.  It has never been more important to ensure you showcase your business so do check and tweak everything.  Your live version will also display booking information unique to each guest. If you already have a freetobook accountlogin and see your guest app click here If you’re not yet with freetobook, don’t miss out – register today for free or contact us to book a demo to find out how we can grow your business.