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Case study: Dove Cottage

"We've been with Fabpay for a month now. It's brilliant, fast, efficient and so easy. I have done away with my card reader. It's great."

"I love the way it's now all part of the one freetobook online system. For direct bookings through my own website, FabPay automatically takes the deposit and there is nothing for me to do until the guest arrives. If the booking comes through the likes of, again it takes mere minutes to process the credit card.

I've only been using FabPay for a roughly a month but I'm saving both time and money. I've sent back my Streamline hand-held terminal so there is the immediate saving of the 15 pounds monthly fee. Plus the cost per transaction is slightly cheaper too.

"For me, the security tokenization is the most important thing. With Fabpay, the card details are stored in a tokenised format eg **** **** **** 1234. The property never gets to see the full details but I can still use them to take the payment."

I just didn't want the responsibility of dealing with security issues around storing any guest's card details. FabPay's card verification means I can check each and every credit card at the booking stage.

Now I have made the change to FabPay which, by the way, was simple to do, I would not use Freetobook without it! Now life is so much easier and it's going to continue to save me time and money."

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