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Case study: Villas De Oros

Vikki and Hollee Gold together own and run Villas De Oros (a fun play on their surname) set in a verdant jungle paradise near Ojochal in Costa Rica. Hollee splits her time between running her family home in Colorado and their property of five villas in Costa Rica. Surely a long commute!

Buying this property two years ago was the realization of a twenty year-old dream for the mother and daughter team. Vikki and Hollee had visited the area a few times before (both together and on their own) and when a rather dilapidated hotel came up for sale, they knew that this was the opportunity they had been waiting for!

Vikki, a remarkable and vibrant lady in her seventies with a background in interior design and construction was ready for the challenge. "It was a major renovation to turn the property into five villas. I speak only a little Spanish so there were some language issues," she chuckles. Moreover, Vikki has truly embraced technology and their online booking and marketing, using freetobook as their booking system and also as the channel manager for and

"Our occupancy for January and February this year is up 50% on last year. We couldn't have done it without freetobook and the booking platforms. You build it and they will come!" Vikki quips.

"We have many European visitors. One couple from Switzerland booked for four nights but stayed for three weeks! The villas' location in the heart of the jungle has proven to be the perfect spot for some, but not all, of their guests. "One couple had booked for a month's stay but after only three days said they had to leave.They hadn't enjoyed a good night's sleep since they arrived due to the jungle noises. However, the very day they left, another couple set about to record the sounds outside their villa to take it back home with them. They told me they had never slept so well!"

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