Booking button plugin for WordPress

You can easily add a booking button (widget) to your WordPress site with our dedicated plugin.

To find our recommended plugin search for freetobook in Plugins search (see below).

Select the “Freetobook Responsive Widget” for the most up to date and responsive version.

booking plugin for wordpress

Note: we don’t recommend the 2 legacy widgets as they’re an older style and not responsive.

Once installed you’ll need to activate it and enter the widget ID and widget token in the Settings section.

These IDs are located in DIRECT BOOKINGS `> HELP FOR WORDPRESS when you are logged in to freetobook

Then follow the usual methods for your chosen theme of adding your widget to your site.


Note: If the plugin does not work for your particular theme (unlikely) you can also paste the widget code directly in a widget block by selecting “Custom HTML” option from the menu and pasting this in the “Write HTML…” box.