Tracking booking source via widget ID

Your freetobook booking button (widget) can be added almost anywhere, enabling you to track which sites bring in the most business.

With freetobook it is possible to create one widget and use it in many different places, but we recommend you create a unique widget for each new location. Give your unique widget an ID to track the origin of each booking.

Create a new widget… login to freetobook and click on the DIRECT BOOKINGS tab and then navigate to BOOKING BUTTONS `> ADVANCED. At the bottom of the page click “Create Another Widget”.

Create a unique name for your new widget (so you can see any booking from this source). Here we’ve named the widget “VS_site”. Follow through the setup of the widget and save. The new widget now appears in the list of available widgets. You can get your code in one of two ways: for the simple link click “preview” and then simply copy the link from the address bar. When you are in edit mode you will see a button “Get Code” which will give you the javascript responsive widget.

Track your booking sources

With a unique code added to each of your selected sites you’re able to track what bookings came from which sites.

In freetobook select the “Pay/Stripe/FabPay” tab (depending on which payment option you use) and go to the “Statements” subtab.

You will now see a list of bookings for each month with the source in the “Widget” column.