Tracking conversion with Facebook Pixel

When you, or your client, log in to freetobook navigate to the HOME tab and then to ANALYTICS. At the bottom of that page you will see a section for the Facebook Pixel and in there you need to add

  • Pixel ID
  • Domain Verification Meta Tag Content

There are a few different types of event which will be recorded:

  • PageView: the default event, used for when someone navigates to your widget.
  • ReservationSearch: when a result for your availability on a given date / range of dates is shown.
  • SelectExtras: after a specific room, or set of rooms is selected and the user is asked if they want to add any extras.
  • EnterDetails: when the user is asked to enter their billing details.
  • ConfirmDetails: the final confirmation before the booking is made.
  • BookingComplete: the booking is complete and confirmed.

For more information on Facebook Pixel please see their guide here.